Thursday, March 20, 2014

Naturally Beautiful

Lost File 5/6/2012

Sooo...I did it! I decided to go all natural! Well the decision was made over a year ago, but this past month I celebrated 1 year of having a chemically free head of hair. Initially, I was NOT down. My big sister has been natural for over 5 years and had been urging me to just go for it. Even after countless hair-do-don'ts, I still was not convinced. Especially after seeing just how much of my ancestors was "rooted" in me...hehe.

No, truth be told, I- like so many other black women in America suffer from what I'd call the "is my black beautiful?" complex. This simply means a product of her culture. A selfworth validated by main stream medias definition of "who's black is beautiful". Waist length-full weave, platinum blond, lime green/pink, wet & wavy- "I got Indian in my family" aka keratin treatment (which is embalming fluid with formaldehyde). Hey, it's nothing to be ashamed's reality. However, after discovering the TRUTH and you STILL DEFINE your beauty by people who truly don't know who they are themselves- then and only then should you worry...but I digress. Well...wait- one more thing! It's only fitting of me to note that the natural hair phenomenon is not new. However, it has become more and more... shall I say "acceptable." I mean...I may as well be honest, natural hair in corporate America is "defining" it's place. The first time I decided to wear my hair in it's natural state to work I struggled, and it took a lot of courage. Yeah, I know it seems trivial, but after 25 years of believing bone straight long hair was socially acceptable, showing up at a corporate job with the Celie look was a psychological breakthrough.

So back the the TRUTH* lets look at the root of the problem. The truth is your roots are natural, literally. Lets take a short journey: This is a Ethiopian women. Check out her due, esp the back...(Unfinished file)

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